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Yesterday - March 6, 2021

Matrix and E2E-Encryption – or: how not to lose your messages

As with all messengers taking end-to-end-encryption seriously (I’m looking at you, WhatsApp), you are responsible for managing your encryption keys when using matrix. In addition to your account password (the one you’re using to log in to the server), you’ve got to safeguard a secret granting you access to your end-to-end-encrypted messages. Fortunately, this is a lot more comfortable in the matrix-universe than with many other messengers.

Features - File Browser

File Browser is a create-your-own-cloud-kind of software where you can install it on a server, direct it to a path and then access your files through a nice web interface. You have many available features!

Intercept, debug & mock HTTP with HTTP Toolkit

With one click: Intercept & view all your HTTP(S) - Mock endpoints or entire servers - Rewrite, redirect, or inject errors

lowdefy/lowdefy: An open-source low-code framework to build web apps, admin panels, BI dashboards, workflows, and CRUD apps with YAML.

Lowdefy is an open-source (Apache-2.0) low-code framework that lets you build web apps with YAML configuration files. It is great for building admin panels, BI dashboards, workflows, and CRUD apps.